Need help in developing your Quant-Based Marketing Strategy?

If marketing your products and services is stressing you out, it shouldn’t. If questions like “What metrics should I look out for?”, “what concepts (like CAC, CLV, Impressions, etc.) should I understand, and do I really need to measure everything?” are the questions that you ask yourself, you have come to the right site.

Who is Quantisocial Marketers?

We are a group of marketing practitioners and business owners who were sick and tired of not being able to find people who could actually help us get to the RESULTS that we wanted. With this, we made it our mission to help small business owners and professionals/freelancers achieve their marketing objectives. We do it by implementing a quant-based marketing approach — we work from the results that you want, and we work backwards.

We are also deeply entrenched in the Freelancing Industry, so our team is made up of competent and certified (independently by the Quantisocial Marketers team) freelancers who will help you out. For freelancers to be certified, we have tiers that they need to go through by studying, experimenting and testing. Each our our tracks are made out of 3 tiers, with Tier 1 being the highly recommended people to work with. We strictly check the work of our team, and give results and work that are of utmost quality.

The Team

Executive Committee

Ginger Arboleda
Nina Mendoza
EJ Arboleda
Marv De Leon

Other Founding Members
Kinney Palma
Julian Canita
Ann Kristine Penaredondo
Sam Lanuza – Aldea
Mark Anthony Eusebio